Robin’s Legacy and Testimony to Congress

In 1990 Robin Williams and Whoopie Goldberg testified before a Senate panel chaired by Senator Edward Kennedy urged Congress to support the Homelessness Prevention and Community Revitalization Act.

Robin made a PROFOUND statement at 8m30 about the heart of the problem:

" truly prevent homelessness THAT'S where it lies.  You can't keep picking people up.  You have to stop them from falling."

While he appeared nervous at times during his testimony, he didn’t hesitate to slam anyone who took the crisis lightly.  He urged Congress to look beyond such short-term “Band-Aid” efforts and to actually find long-term solutions to end homelessness.

Robin Williams led by example.

Together with Bob Zmuda, Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal, the Academy Award-winning actor helped raise more than $70 million for Comic Relief, a nonprofit that donated 100 percent of its proceeds to help homeless people in need throughout the U.S. (Read more here.)
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For Robin this was not just a matter of talking about the problem or writing a check.  He was personally and directly involved.

Homelessness can happen for some incredible reasons that are painfully unjust.  These same people then endure ridicule for their status or are even killed for it.  (Let’s change that conversation.)

Homeless people deserve kindness and respect.  Robin knew that passionately, because he took the time to understand how someone could end up homeless.

This is Robin’s legacy!

Fast-forward to 2015…  Homelessness is a very big conversation.  I can speak about many aspects of it because it happened to me when someone destroyed my home while I was physically VERY vulnerable.

I had a successful business and an advanced degree… I am one of many that said “It won’t happen to me” and it did.

I chose to take a situation that nearly killed me and turn it into a gift for thousands of people, by sharing TIPS FROM SURVIVORS.   Insider lessons from those who lost their homes, so you can protect your loved ones, your home and life savings.

I hope in doing this, I can honor the legacy he and his friends inspired, and give us ALL the ability to better protect our homes and ability to thrive.  YOU ARE INVITED TO BE A PART OF IT TOO.

Every bit of love matters to carry on these very important legacies for future generations!

PLEASE do see THIS video tribute and Robin’s prayer of compassion for the homeless.

You can learn more about the film in the links below: