2016 Birthday ~ He still exists.

The day that Robin passed away, it felt like the earth tilted on it’s axis. There was a very tangible loss that occurred because his presence gave us hope for humanity and belief that teamwork mattered to us all in doing so.  He could have lived a quiet life, but he made a deliberate choice to lead by example.

Someday we all will stop breathing and die.  Our spirit will go on beyond our physical form… Some spirit’s echoes will be stronger than others…. It just depends on how much your ripple was felt in the pond while you were still alive.

I made this tribute for Robin’s Legacy.
This is my Heart Song and has profound significance for me.

This purpose of this website from it’s inception in 2012 is to echo Robin William’s legacy of creating kinder, more collaborative communities.

As Zelda so eloquently stated, the world was less colorful when he left.  It is my hope that each of us remembers the gifts he gave us and to find the inspiration that lies within each of us to follow his example in creating the world we all wish for.

There is no money associated with this site.  Just love.  When you need to laugh or be inspired, hang out and take a look around.

I am willing to gift this website to family or friends of Robin, if they are inspired to do something with this from here.

This site is not promoted in any way, yet it still has an enormous number of visitors every year. So if this helps still keep his spirit vibrant, then I have succeeded.   

I wish I could do more… Creating more content for this website grew beyond my ability after the California wildfires in September of 2015, so I quietly put down my virtual pen.   I feel enormous gratitude for having learned as much as I did about this amazing soul.

I hope there is some comfort in the echoes of his spirit on this website.   We  all have our own unique journey, our own way of interacting with the world and our feelings about it ebb and flow like the waves of an ocean…  in a never ending cycle of life.

Let’s rise up and demonstrate that Robin’s love set a great example to inspire us to imagine and create a better world for us ALL.


There is plenty to warm your heart for a couple hours.  ~ If you want magic, create it… and then we can be sure it never ends.

Previous Tributes:

  • 9/12/15 This website stopped because I began volunteering for the relief effort of one of the largest fires in US history.  My purpose is to gather the legacies and lessons to improve the outcome for future generations to PREVENT HOMELESSNESS.  So the echoes of love still exist, just in a different form.  How you choose is up to you, but I hope you will try.  (I am grateful for my spiritual guides.  You know who you are and you know you mattered ALOT!!)
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  • Dozens of other links of tributes from the early moments of figuring out how to do this website are here.  Maybe you will find them. 😉

For those that are “Being Robin for Someone” thank you.   (Learn more here.)  I rarely give away the tribute bracelets now.  I might do it again for his next  birthday depending on how things are rolling for me.

I receive angelic signs often and wanted to share this with you.  This butterfly landed on my bracelets just as I was pushing open the door to Pastor Shannon’s office who is helping the homeless in the Valley Fire area.

This butterfly DID NOT want to leave me!