Here is a tiny view into my world

I stopped publishing here on 9/11/15 because of two reasons:

  • The main reason I stopped was because I began volunteering for the relief effort for one of the biggest fires in California history that left 4,000 people homeless. ~ ~ Homelessness and the prevention of it was a subject dear to Robin nearly his entire career.  (It still gives me goose bumps that a man so privileged his entire life had so much compassion for something he never experienced personally.)
  • The second reason I stopped this website is because I have a project to prevent homelessness that WILL BE EPIC.  It is against the will of his estate due to taxation reasons to use his likeness and image after his passing.  Yet,.. we all know his spiritual will is undeniably strong and still very much remains with us today.

The work I have done for a disaster resiliency model is in Robin’s honor for all the joy and strength he gave me to survive what I endured in my own loss.

What is really amazing about my journey since he passed is that I get strong spiritual signs ALL THE TIME from Robin.  Not kidding. Someone dearest to him for 40 years knows this and has been along on the ride. Many of the signs I can only tell to those closest to me and also one celebrity who likes baby goats and sometimes put 11 in her name.  (Wild I know… but thankfully those signs are stunningly clear!)

The video below is an example of the angelic signs I receive often. This butterfly landed on my bracelets just as I was pushing open the door to Pastor Shannon’s office who is helping the homeless in the Valley Fire area.  This butterfly DID NOT want to leave me!

I promised to share a video from special moment when I visited the cemetery location for the film, What DreamsMayCome. That was the day I dropped my first sponsored newsletter for survivors of the Valley Fire. (3rd most destructive wildfire in California history)

This video is a bit long, but quite original.  It is a meditative video at the original purple tree from the film WhatDreamsMayCome.  This tree is a big part of the last half of the video.  The second tree that was in the film died and new one is in it’s place… And life goes on.

There was more magic from that day that I can’t share…

However, the video below was started the ((NEXT)) day when I woke up and found myself waist high in purple flowers. I had just walked out into the grass near where my RV/Home was parked (top right). As I looked around more, it felt to me that I was in “What Dreams May Come”.

The wildflowers were so abundant as a result the the earth being scorched by breaking open dormant seeds and having no grass to compete with. It was fertile ground for a new cycle of life to begin. Take a look and and enjoy.

This video is one of my favorites because of the context and beauty of the fire zone where destruction is followed by a rebirth.

I will not give up on my dream, it is just evolving in ways I could have never anticipated!

The Magic Never Ends.