My Personal Tribute to Robin

This website site was born in May of 2012 after viewing the movie What Dreams May ComeThe reason for doing so is stated here.

However, with Robin’s departure in 2014, I began echoing the tributes to his legacy on the website.  Content is still added on here when the inspiration hits, usually around his birthday.

…The definition of success for this website is to create more kindness in the world and unity in community, especially for the homeless.  (THAT IS WHAT ROBIN WISHED FOR.)

Below is story about my magical encounter with Robin and this ENTIRE website is a living tribute to his spirit.

Robin, I let him flow free… like water in my presence, as I felt he needed to be treated like any other civilian would be.

My favorite moment remembering him was when I roller-bladed across the Golden Gate Bridge at 7am back in the spring of 2000.

I was at the lead of the pack because I was boosted to the bridge from Chinatown.  The boost was needed to get ahead of the bikers or get left behind.

Robin had long since passed the group.  Flying on his bike was “his thing.”

He doubled back from the Marin side… with no one following in his wake.

Skating had always been “my thing” that I did well.  I flew on my skates on the sidewalk of the bridge and was amazed at the unique experience of the wind, the ocean and the context.

The authority for the GG Bridge announced on their PA system that I wasn’t allowed to skate on the bridge and Robin was riding towards me.

We laughed and SQUEEEEELED…. There was hardly anyone on the bridge…. Stupid rules weren’t gonna stop us!!!

His smile in that moment…. (((WOW!!))) Forever etched in my heart and mind.

He was free…. (((_JOYFUL_))) and loving the moment so deeply.

On September 14, 2014, a month after his passing, I returned to the spot where I met him around bridge post 86 and also participated in several events that day which honored his life.

86 closeup
I understand when one feels unable to escape their circumstance to find peace. I struggle with that too for VERY different reasons.

I have several photos of the day we met and I chose the one below for an important reason.


In 2000 Face of America (now known as the Challenged Athletes Foundation) had 2 paraplegic bike teams, one from Boston and one from SF and they were planning to meet in the middle of the country.  (They sometimes lovingly referred to this event as the “In-Your-Face of America” .)

This event had two teams of about 50 riders each departing simultaneously on May 13. 2000.  Each team rode over 1,400 miles in 22 days. The teams met at the Memorial Arch in St. Louis, Missouri on June 3.

Participant disabilities included spinal cord injured (paraplegic and quadriplegic), visually impaired/blind, cancer survivors, hearing impaired, cerebral palsy, intellectual and developmental disability, amputee (single and double) and brain injury.

The SF team launched from Chinatown and stopped at a bike shop in Sausalito where we had dusted off the crowd and reporters.   These brave souls were about to bike halfway across the country with just the power of their arms!

I was helping a woman get more comfortable by going in the bike store and purchasing arm warmers for her.  (And I was determined to treat Robin just like any other person in that group.)

At some point Robin ripped his arm warmers off his fuzzy arms and gave them to the young lady.   Then HE ASKED if I wanted to take my photo with him.  I was a bit shocked and of course said YES!

Had Robin NOT asked me to take a photo with him, our picture of that day would not exist.  When we touched there was an electricity between us that I’ve NEVER experienced with another person.  He felt it too.  We both jumped in shock.  (Some things you can’t explain, but it was deeply felt.)

Then he started doing comedic riffs about women with cafe lattes and Volvos in Marin for us.   I felt he wanted to know me more, but I was too shy.  I felt I was inadequate in the presence of such greatness.  Later I learned that was a mistake and he wanted to know me.  I hope I don’t make that kind of mistake ever again!

This photo reveals how hard it is for him to be just a normal guy.   Note how much of his face is covered and the police officer behind us.  He has to be on hyper alert in public because of who he is.  (That’s hard, but he handled it so incredibly gracefully!)

Robin you are loved and missed
me-and-robin2See you in my dreams…..