Susan’s Verse ~ Sept 2016

I wish earnestly Robin’s life did not end like it did, or that he could have chosen a more peaceful, loving exit from the stage of life.  I understand and accept his choice, though.

This website has not been altered since September 11, 2015, due to some very important reasons.   I felt that if I never published here again, I must write one more very important tribute.  That is the tribute of his loving wife, Susan Schneider Williams.

It is VERY important to be clear it was NOT depression that killed Robin.  He had Lewy Body Dementia, which is a severe form of Parkinsons.  Robin was a greater warrior than most can ever possibly know.


Finally in September of 2016, Susan is strong enough to speak of the brave battle she privately fought together with her husband.

This link is her heart breaking article she wrote and published. She is very graceful and eloquent in her words.

She is giving her voice and energy to help neurologists further understand how the LBD disease manifests in the hope that her support and the lessons learned will offer more comfort to those seeking it.


Toward the end of Robin’s life he had  40+ symptoms that appeared with varying intensity.  These symptoms mimicked a wide range of health disorders and no one knew why, until his autopsy was performed.

What really struck me in her article was how well Robin hid the intensity of his symptoms.   The health issues were known since about 2013.  As a couple, they seemed to be solid in a way that most dream of experiencing with another being.  In the above article, she shared many personal details of the evolution of this journey.

The intensity of the disease started to peak in May of 2014 after the completion of Night at the Museum 3.  Susan said Robin came home like a 747 without landing gear.  In August, he was gone.

Letting go can be one of the bravest, most unselfish gifts when the time has come. In August of 2016 legislation was passed in California to permit end of life to be a CHOICE.  For some graceful goodbyes are NEVER a choice. That was so for Robin. 

Susan said “It is my belief that when healing comes out of Robin’s experience, he will not have battled and died in vain.”

I agree.  I would like to expand on this thought…  Robin’s “experience” and legacy is far greater than the struggle of his last years, in fact the entirety of his life left an immense spiritual example of the potential of the human spirit.

He sacrificed ALOT of energy, time and personal privacy to create the legacy of love during his entire life.  (Which if you REALLY think  about it… WAS ONE HELL OF A SACRIFICE!)  There is a lot to celebrate in the lives he changed and probably will continue to change because he EXISTED.

… and for that Robin will live on forever.

Let’s all make the best of the moments he gave us
be grateful for his IMMENSE gifts.