2022 Tribute to Robin’s Life

8 years ago on August 11, 2014, the world was shocked to find out that Robin Williams had died by suicide.  For someone who brought so much love to the world it was an extremely traumatic end.   Most people did not know there was much more to the story of Robin William’s death.

The movie, “Robin’s Wish” is an intimate portrait of his final days, with stories from some of those closest to him, including his wife Susan, who bravely orchestrated this movie to tell their story and his final days. (Below is the trailer.) Watch the whole movie, “Robin’s Wish” at this link here.

It is remarkable that Susan continues to show up and tell Robin’s story / their story, 8 years later.  I have heard from people who know her that she is an incredibly sweet soul.

I hope in telling others their story that she learns that it isn’t the diagnosis that matters, but rather the course of illness. Labels of a disease tell us NOTHING about the cause or how to mitigate it. It is NOT a bio-marker they are looking for or need that provides the peace needed to cope.

The facts are so obvious to me because of what she shared in multiple interviews (((AND))) because I also experienced the same symptoms or pathologies.   I hope I have the capacity to educate her and others with the book I’ve been working on since August 2021.

In my opinion Robin wasn’t unique in the course of his illness. Millions experience it in varying intensity. Robin’s illness started at least 2 decades earlier. What is unique is how fast it accelerated in the end and how hard he fought.

He was a warrior in everything he did in life.  From incredible acts of kindness to his prolific performances that lifted the human spirit. And one day, he no longer had the will to carry the light within him.

It’s a profound loss that such a beautiful human could feel that way in his last days.  Not many people truly understand immune system illness. Robin so richly deserved the greatest comfort the world could offer and I wish we could have given that to him.

In his bedside book he wrote “I want to help people be less afraid.” Truth is he was feeling PROFOUNDLY afraid and was unable to talk about it.

Mental illness has such a terrible stigma. And the majority of the population thinks mental health and physical health are two different problems. Our flawed medical system perpetuates that view.

The fact is these are (( NOT )) different problems, and there are things that can change the course of events in disease progression.  ……….THIS is where Susan needs to focus her beautiful light.

It is time for Susan to truly learn why he was sick and not be swayed by focusing on the “brand” names of diseases or bio-markers. By doing so she helps herself, her loved ones and those lucky enough to hear her voice…. and in doing so, she will truly be offering the last gift Robin would have wished for.

More on this story during the next annual website tribute in 2023…. God willing.

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