What “Being Robin” Means to Us

In this article, you will learn about how to honor Robin Williams’ spirit, by being Robin for someone.

There are so many examples of kindness and here is how one of many people responded:rw post 7a

Helping others is sometimes easy to do with money, but being involved directly in a person’s life, as Robin often did ANONYMOUSLY, brings greater joy to ALL and healthier communities that connect and protect.

Mutual exchanges of kindness helps us all THRIVE and be stronger as a whole.  Helping others rise above their constraints builds confidence and self-esteem.  And it allows lonely people to be re-integrated into society and help them feel they belong.

I had a private conversation with one of Robin’s dearest friends of over 40 years.    They were social workers together in countless contexts.  His friend prefers to stay anonymous, however, he allowed me to share some insight with you.

On 8/11 this precious insight was turned into a special tribute for Robin, with music and visuals to give a more vibrant perspective to inspire a kinder world …and to brighten your day!
The “Nanu-Nanu/Spark” song begins at 3m40.  (The original conversation with this spiritual guide can be found here.)

“Don’t mourn Robin.  Don’t grieve Robin.”
“Be Robin for someone else.”


Robin’s presence gave us hope for humanity and belief that teamwork mattered to us all in doing so.

We had some fun with memorial bracelets that were offered to those who were being Robin for someone.  This is a  little history.

Below you will find some thoughts on being Robin.  

Essentially we suggest helping people who are vulnerable.    Please add your ideas and offer inspiration for others to make communities stronger and more vibrant.

Assistance or kindness those who are ill or elderly

Some options to consider are running errands, preparing food or simply keeping them company.

When you spend time listening to them, ask about their favorite music, what they are most proud of,  share news from the world and your own stories.

Consider this an opportunity like a gym exercise for the mind.  Bring them laughter, games, or delightful movies.  Bake cookies with them that they can give to others.   This is really only limited to YOUR imagination.

You never know where such kindness may lead AND it can offer you a new perspective.

Single mothers

New mothers, especially single mothers, are often at risk from post-partum depression and new responsibilities that put stress on her socially, financially and psychologically.

Your presence in her life with kindness and nutritious meals will help her body and mind re-balance itself faster.  She may also need help with errands or advice from an experienced mother.

Helping the homeless

Getting out of a homeless situation is horrific when health issues are involved, which is typical in the majority of cases.

Cruelty can happen for no apparent reason.  I could show you a real life example of a man in Texas was beaten to death by police while sitting at a bus stop doing NOTHING, but it would scar you for life.

The video below is much better at getting point across and got 80 million views in Asia within 2 days.
Irrational, cruel treatment of the homeless by people around them compounds their problems and is nearly ALWAYS is unmerited.  — ROBIN KNEW THIS.

Preventing homelessness was a cause VERY dear to Robin that he spent the majority of his life supporting in a VERY big way.

People that lose their homes to disasters and or have serious health issues lose their foundation to thrive.  They have lessons that YOU can benefit from, if you chose compassion.

Any  kindness or opportunity to build self esteem you offer to the homeless can be amazing.  Start with a smile, make a sandwich for them, TALK TO THEM… find out who they are.  It is an unforgettable experience that might teach YOU something interesting about your own life or theirs.

Stand up for someone being picked on or outcast

Youth are particularly at risk for this behavior, especially with the prevalence of social media because some people assume they have FACTS when all they truly possess is JUDGEMENT or fear of non-conformity.

Some cases will lead to suicide and at the very least is psychologically scarring.  You have a choice in doing nothing or speaking up, if something appears ethically wrong.

A lazy group of people will follow the lead of an individual asserting social influence. (Happens all the time on Facebook)  False notions of social “proof” are abundant.  Read this link provided if YOU want to be a real thought leader.

If someone doesn’t intervene, no one feels empowered participate in kindness.  Once one person steps up the results can be amazing, from finding like minded people that feel the same – to encouraging the person being bullied to stand up for themselves.

When engaging with a confrontational person, remember LOVE always wins.  Be assertive and confident in how you feel.  Address the ISSUE, not the INDIVIDUAL.  Personal attacks never help.  Emphasize why the behavior is a problem.

This noble behavior will never be forgotten by anyone because it  represents feeling loved, valued and protected… AND we all need that.

Don’t be afraid to use your voice for good.
You are more powerful than you think.

There really is no limit to the possibilities of
how to be Robin for someone.

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Many of the great spirits that shared Robin’s vision are in their 60s or even older. ~ It is time to pass the candle, to share the legacies that matter in making the world a better place for our children and our children’s children.

This dream begins with you choosing your words and ideas carefully AND to never doubt the affect it has on others, even if you don’t see it!

The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?

About the project:  Instead of “liking” Robin and all that he stood for, you are being invited to be Robin for someone else. Let’s echo an immense legacy and fill the world with MORE love.

Let’s rise to the occasion and show that all the love Robin has given to us mattered in imagining and creating a better world for us all.