2020 Birthday ~ Everyone Gets Pudding!

Every year I update the front page of this website on Robin’s birthday.  While the echos of his voice are not as vivid as they once were, his light and spirit still remains strong.  —> How many of you light up at the thought of this brilliant and kind soul?

UPDATE: As a tribute to Robin, Zelda is suggesting donating $69.69 to any homeless shelter.  Very cool.  https://twitter.com/zeldawilliams/status/1285649335917719559  Evidence of his passion for the homeless: Reference (1) (2)

2020 has been a really strange year and there is a trending idea on Twitter, which I recommend considering. (Click here for Twitter link)

In honor of Robin’s birthday this year, everybody gets pudding!

This is a fan tribute that is a true labor of love to create and mix so many references.  Anyone that has ever made videos will feel that while watching this wacky collage of Robin’s legacy.

Hat tip to David Roberts for creating this video!  Follow this link if you want any film references. (Very detailed.)

Even though I don’t update this website very often, Robin’s spirit has an important place in my heart.  I will keep this website alive as an expression of love and gratitude as long as I can.

Since this website began, my efforts have been focused on preventing homelessness.   This is a topic that was dear to Robin too.  As a highly educated, hard working person, I would have laughed at you if someone said homelessness could happen to me.  I don’t laugh at the idea anymore.

As a result of my life changing experience, I’ve been involved in 5 years of firestorm recovery and am now creating a COVID-19 aid project based on my expertise from these experiences. (Please send you prayers and light… This is very difficult and important undertaking.)

I hope this website brings you much joy and inspires you to carry Robin’s spirit in your heart, for yourself and everyone else.

Feel free to wander around the website for a laugh and a reminder of Robin’s spirit.  I end this year’s post of Robin’s 69th birthday with the following tribute which is angel inspired.

Making innovative videos can take several days to do and still suck.  I made this video in 10 minutes, while my video making skills were still VERY rudimentary.  It’s a mash up of What Dreams May Come and Dead Poet’s Society.  Angel inspired ((IS)) the only way to explain this creation.
~  This is my heartsong which has profound significance to me.

Truth is there more magic than I can share.  It’s freaking ridiculous and I’m humbled.  May the magic never end.

I wish you well on your journey.
~ Kimberly