7/21/15 Celebrating Robin Williams Legacy of Love… Always.

July 21, 2015 marked the first birthday that our dear Robin Williams was not physically present with us.  That was the day this page was first published.

Each birthday is bittersweet date for our hearts with mixed emotions of joy and and grief.   We have learned thru Robin’s passing there is a stronger force than death.  It is love.  A feeling so tangible and strong, an eternal reminder of our connection with him and our hope for humanity. That magic lives inside our hearts and it will never be gone.

I sincerely hope that future celebrations of his life will be on the date of his birth, rather than the day of his passing.  It feels much more joyful as a date of remembrance.

There’s lots of love for Robin out there and we could share great stuff for several years.  This video below seemed like a great way to begin our journey of celebrating his life.

Thank you Tooru in Germany for this spunky tribute!

Here’s a list of our tributes for 7/21:

INTERVIEWS (Insight into a beautiful mind)

LIFTING (Robin’s performances)


GIFTING…. (AND taking HIS idea just a little big further.)


Make a wish!

What is going on here?

About a month after Robin Williams’ sudden departure, an idea emerged in Northern California that is turning into a heart-warming movement called “BeRobin.”  It emerged from a sweet soul with a simple idea.

"Don't mourn Robin.  Don't grieve Robin."  ~ ~ "Be Robin for someone else."

This soul that shared this was one of Robin’s closest friends for over 30 years.  They were both immense social workers that shared a similar dream for humanity.    He wishes to continue his social activism somewhat anonymously as he and Robin did for many years.

To all the people that shared this vision with Robin, I celebrate you too! He was not alone in this vision, but he was one of the most visible advocates.  It took teamwork to do what he did, from the artists to the carpenters and accountants.


Many of the great spirits that shared Robin’s vision are in their 60s or even older now too. ~  It is time to pass the candle, to share the legacies that matter in making the world a better place for our children and our children’s children.

The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.  What will your verse be?  To learn about my verse click here. To be super clear, this project and website is not just about my verse; It is about creating a kinder world.

Everyone will have their own way of “Being Robin.”

We are here to uplift spirits, to protect and connect… and for us to find unity in community.

Being Robin is NOT a one day celebration;


This dream begins with you choosing your words and ideas carefully AND to never doubt the affect it has on others, even if you don’t see it.

Let’s rise to the occasion and demonstrate that Robin’s love set a great example for us to imagine and create a better world for us ALL.


The following is a typical comment I receive often about this website that I’ve poured my heart, resources and thousands of hours into: “You have touched many people, and we consider you to be a very precious part of our lives.” (Thank you for these kind words. They matter a great deal to my heart to do this with you.)