If the dead could speak…. (Mid-year tribute)

Trump tried to use the legacy of Robin Williams’ comedy for political gain on the 6th anniversary  of Robin’s death to take down his Presidential opposition.  —-AND FAILED.  Trump used  Robin’s words out of context, Trump shared a skit of Robin mocking presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

While Robin isn’t here to speak for himself, I’d like to offer the following thoughts, which offer a rich context to consider.

What Robin Really Thought of Trump and Who Truly Has a Neurological Disorder

What Trump does not realize is comedians roast each other all the time. This is a long standing tradition. It’s a way of acknowledging our imperfect humanity and existence.

If you watched and listened to the whole stand-up skit, you will find Robin went beyond roasting Trump. Robin threw HARD SHADE on Trump’s ACTUAL judgement and character.

In the 2012 tour, Weapons of Self Destruction, Williams described Trump as “a scary man” because “he plays monopoly with real f***ing buildings.”…. or “This is a man who said ‘my daughter is hot.’ ….Even people in Arkansas went ‘that’s f***ing wrong.”

It’s one thing to mock a verbal mistake, it is an ENTIRELY different thing to mock a person’s ACTUAL conduct.  For the Trump to not understand the difference reflects a serious deficit of social/emotional intelligence.

The impediment Robin referred to with Biden is a speech impediment, not a fundamental flaw of character. In fact, I would argue knowing he has this minor disabiliity and still want to give his life to public service in such an enormous capacity reveals Joe’s COURAGE AND STRENGTH.  To not truly feel this is to lack empathy for another human.  Read this article if you want to understand more.

Remember Theodore Roosevelt used a wheel chair?  He hid it for fear of being judged.  And Teddy became one of our most consequential Presidents in U.S. history.  Having flaws is OK.  It is part of being human.

If you want to see what a real neurological disorder looks like, besides how Trump is handling the pandemic, watch the following video produced in the past month. His “administrayshzzizt” is clearly the worst in US history.

Using Hate to Activate is NOT Endorsed By Robin

The Internet was flooded in August 2020 with fake accounts for the purpose of creating hate and bigotry as a Presidential campaign tactic throwing shade and using a dead person’s words.  That is going to BOOMERANG on Trump and ultimately throw more shade on himself.

It seems all Trump wants to do is create hate because motivating haters to create MORE hate. Somehow hate activates people faster, but certainly not more intelligently. Trump is the MASTER of this art to activate hate  and it is destroying our culture and our country.

Perhaps Trump Should Learn From His Predecessor How Roasting Works

Trump uses use hate and conflict to unite, while Joe Biden is the total opposite side of the rainbow. Joe consistently unifies people with open intellectual discussion and a good sense of humility and humor. Try such words to describe Trump;…. You just can’t.

I have yet to see Trump understand how to be funny, EVER.

Here is our former, dear Commander-in-Chief giving plenty of roasts at his final press correspondent dinner. Not even Biden was spared.  Given that Biden was a Presidential co-pilot for 8 years already, under such good leadership, I honestly can’t imagine a more qualified candidate for President than Biden.

It’s sad Trump is so desperate to do so much to hold power and abuse it by trying to post-pone elections, discredit mail in ballots,  withhold post office funding, etc. (And then there’s the Russians….)  I’ve been grieving for our country ever since that sad human TOOK office in 2017.  I can’t wait to see Trump GONE!

Right now because of Trump’s bad leadership, he failed to build the wall on the Mexican border, and the world built a wall around us. Mexico now is the only major country still welcoming us!  The economic consequences to our country will be SEVERE. (See the graphic in Joe Biden’s tweet.)

Brace yourself for voting fraud… but don’t let that discourage you from making your voice count!

May I recommend a light-hearted political movie from Robin?  Man of the Year!