2019 Birthday ~ Shut Up and Dance!

This website is a tribute to Robin’s life.  It wasn’t intended that way because he was still alive when it was conceived.  Life doesn’t always work as planned.

From the beginning it was intended to echo the gift I found in his film What Dreams May Come.  I felt the core messages of the film were not well understood.  Read more about that here.

It’s been 5 years now since Robin’s passing.  I may hear his voice less in my head now when I think of him, but his spirit has definitely impacted my own profoundly.

We were all impacted.  It felt like the earth tilted on it’s axis the day he departed.   People wanted to start a movement “BeRobin” to keep his sweet spirit alive.  No one can ever be him, but we can share the kind spark in our heart he gave us with others.

This video I made captures Robin’s spirit of how he rolled:

Please note there is no official movement and there never will be for IRS reasons.  Can’t use a name or likeness of a departed person because it might create tax liability.  (That’s why it never took off.)

As I think of all the videos that other fans made, and while Bangerang is still a favorite, I really love this video below.  I think it is because I hear the song often in random places, and this video is filled with joy to remind us to dance with others and enjoy the journey while we can.

Thanks Kathy Falciccio for all the great videos you made!

This website is filled with fan tributes and Robin’s random shenanigans.  I’ll leave you with this one below that I also made.  As many know making videos is very time consuming and sometimes flop.

This video was made in 10 minutes, while my video making skills were still VERY rudimentary.  It’s a mash up of What Dreams May Come and Dead Poet’s Society.  Angel inspired ((IS)) the only way to explain this creation.

~  This is my heartsong which has profound significance to me.

Truth is there more magic than I can share.  It’s freaking ridiculous and I’m humbled.  May the magic never end.

I wish you well on your journey.
~ Kimberly