8/11/15 Tributes to Robin Williams Legacy of LOVE

As we cross the threshhold of the 1 year anniversary of Robin’s passing, WhatDreamsMayCome.org wished to offer a special collection of tributes to Robin’s Williams legacy of LOVE.

We are echoing Robin William’s spiritual legacy to keep his immense spirit alive in all of our hearts.  Sharing his lovely spirit creates a very tangible spark of joy and hope in all of us.

About a month after Robin’s passing, a beautiful soul suggested:

“Don’t mourn Robin.  Don’t grieve Robin.”
“Be Robin for someone else.”


What this means will be different for different people.  Essentially the common thread of Robin’s humanity was compassion for all, especially the vulnerable.  This is a grassroots community building idea.  The re-action is felt where the action is.

No one really knows how that journey goes, but it would be a great honor to his spirit to make the world a kinder place.  

It is unclear if this will become a movement, but it would be a lovely way to honor all that he stood for and what we wish for too.  The song begins at 3m40.

Don’t ever loose your spark.  Please.

If I blow out your candle, we will both be left in the dark.

My flame can light your candle and it will not reduce my spark.

Together we both shine brighter.

Keep that spark!

 OCaptain, My Captain.

Here’s a list of our tributes for 8/11:

INTERVIEWS (Insight into a beautiful mind)

LIFTING (Robin’s performances)


About the project: Instead of “liking” Robin and all that he stood for, you are being invited to be Robin for someone else. Let’s echo an immense legacy and fill the world with MORE love.

Let’s rise to the occasion and show that all the love Robin has given to us mattered in imagining and creating a better world for us all.


Visit here to learn about
how to participate.