2018 Birthday ~ His light still shines bright.

I’m so grateful Robin existed. His light still shines bright.  4 years now…  And every year on August 10th at sunset I light this candle to keep his light shining bright in the darkness.

I chose butterfly candle, because it reminded me of Patch Adams and Jack.  I believe he loved butterflies… They are beautiful, delicate and fleeting.


I keep the lights on with this website even though I haven’t changed anything, because it is a source of inspiration for us all… to keep his spirit alive and bright.

He sacrificed ALOT of energy, time and personal privacy to create the legacy of love during his entire life.  (Which if you REALLY think  about it… WAS ONE HELL OF A SACRIFICE!)  There was times when would have rather been at home flossing his ears… haha!  But he really loved his work.

There is a lot to celebrate in the lives he changed and probably will continue to change because he EXISTED.

… and for that Robin will live on forever.

Let’s all make the best of the moments he gave us
be grateful for his IMMENSE gifts.

I stopped participating in the idea of promoting being Robin for someone a long time ago.  Yet everyday, I carry his dream of helping the homeless.  His words to Congress etched deep in my heart.   He said his most fervent wish is:

"...to truly prevent homelessness THAT'S where it lies.  You can't keep picking people up.  You have to stop them from falling."  (Video link with my comments.)

It’s a strong peace of wisdom.  I’ve been involved in disaster relief in California for several years now, with the hope that I can meet that goal and I think I will.

I’ve been given the strength to do this, because he existed.  And because of some special people in my life.  For both, I’m thankful.

I believe in magic because of these wonderful souls presence in my life.  I can’t always capture it, but I did here.  In this moment I was pushing on the door to the pastors office of a church that serves the homeless, to assist with emergency housing…  and this happened:

Wishing you well in your journey.

Thanks for visiting.