Birthday Tributes to Keep Robin’s Beautiful Spirit Alive

A spiritual will is a memorial of the things you stood for, your hopes and dreams.  Some might call this an ethical will, and often this is the case.  

Robin Williams’ spirit was so immense that you could never bottle it or encapsulate it.  A spiritual will cannot be contained because it permeates every heart touched by the essence of another person’s spirit.  It shifts their own soul and affects their way of interacting with the world.

To those that participated in co-creating Robin’s dream, THANK YOU!  It is hoped that every soul that visits here can learn from and cherish this spiritual legacy… and pass it on to future generations.

Robin’s work on and off screen was a deep reflection of his soul and wish for the world to be a kinder one.  There is no greater gift we can give to honor his spiritual legacy than to co-create a kinder world for ALL of humanity.

How spiritual legacies are shared these days in an online world is a question that does NOT have easy answers.  We don’t have a roadmap for how to echo such an immense legacy, but I’m willing to try, and I hope you are too.

And so our journey begins…  to participate in creating a world we ALL wish for.


On Robin’s 64th birthday we began sharing weekly tributes that echo the gifts of Robin’s legacy which is intended to LIFT, GIFT and SHIFT souls.

Each tribute is intended to leave you, and the people you touch, feeling a little kinder, a little wiser and a lot more loved.

I do not know if there will be more tributes after 9/11.  It really depends on factors that are beyond my ability to influence at this time.

However this goes from here, can we please
celebrate  the anniversary date of his birth
instead of his passing please?

It just feels better!