Trailer and Insight into The Fisher King Film (Background for this film)

In the film The Fisher King,  Robin Williams played a homeless man whose life as an academic was destroyed when his mind snapped after witnessing the brutal murder of his wife.

As a mentally ill homeless man who fancies himself a modern-day knight searching for the Holy Grail, his fervent wish of compassion for the homeless merges clearly merges with his off-screen legacy.

Not only did he raise nearly $70 million with friends for the homeless, but he also testified to Congress on the topic.

To understand the context of the film, The Fisher King, here is a modified trailer/spoiler.
The film took a difficult subject and made it delightful and inspiring!

During the making of this film there is one particular scene where Robin was extra-ordinarily passionate.    He literally was ripping his heart out to produce this scene below.


The director was having a difficult time consoling him and calming him because his passion was so strong.  Read more HERE about the making of this scene above.   It will help you better appreciate the video tribute I made and Robin’s tender heart.

PLEASE do see THIS video tribute and Robin’s prayer of compassion for the homeless.

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