The Fisher King Video Tribute (Stunning! Must see.)

I made a video tribute for The Fisher King film mixed with the song “Under Pressure” by David Bowie.

No other artist re-mix of the song (and there are many) or any visual artistic work represents either the film or the music better than THIS video inspired by their work.

This video also represents Robin’s tender spirit and prayer for compassion quite well.  After Robin’s passing, Terry Gilliam even acknowledged that Robin gave insane passion to the creation of the slashed and torn scene.
What is incredible about this choice of music is that “Under Pressure” was featured in TWO of Robin’s other films but NOT in this one.  (Bowie and Queen released the song in 1981 which was 10 years before the film The Fisher King.  However, this song by Queen did not show up in Robin’s films until the World’s Greatest Dad in 2009 and Happy Feet 2 in 2011.)

I wish Robin and David Bowie saw this tribute before they passed.  I hope that Terry Gilliam sees it and anyone that was cast or crew on the above mentioned productions see it.

Tribute film for The Fisher King.  Warning: Graphic violence at 1m30.  Created for discussion and educational purposes.  Note how well the scenes fit with the music.  It is STUNNING.  The frames  are intentionally choppy to symbolize a dream and memories which are typically fragmented.  This may give the idea that since it is a dream, you still have a choice.

The choice of using film to convey values and inspire goes far beyond the director and the actor.

The Fisher King did something RARELY seen in films; it also acknowledges that network executives hold enormous power in what the public will eventually consume with their minds and hearts.

This video is a prayer to everyone in the entertainment industry to choose your words well and live in compassion… with divine grace.


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Read more HERE about the making of this scene above.   It will help you better appreciate the video tribute I made and Robin’s tender heart.

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